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Meet Dr. Sandi Eveleth, founder of KISS Your Web, LLC and WordPress Consultant. Sandi is also an Internet Marketing and Business Development Consultant.

Dr. Sandi Eveleth, WordPress Consultant, Internet Marketing Consultant, Business Development ConsultantThis WordPress Consulting company, KISSyourWeb.com, was created to Keep Internet Solutions Simple by originally creating WordPress websites that not only could get found easily online, but that would also convert more visitors to paying customers. As the company evolved, Dr. Sandi found a greater need to instruct her clients on how to market their businesses online. While doing this, she discovered a passion for consulting with her clients on:

  1. how to get their WordPress websites seen easily through search engines, social media, and paid advertising,
  2. how to convert any visitors to their websites into paying customers, and
  3. how to grow and develop their businesses so that the owners can work more ON their businesses instead of IN them.

Examples of what Sandi consults these small to medium-sized businesses on:

WordPress Websites and Internet Marketing

She shows them how their websites need to:

  1. be cleaner and more easily navigable (increase the sites’ usability),
  2. make sense for their organizations (match the branding of their small businesses),
  3. be easily found (enhanced search engine optimization and internet/inbound marketing), and
  4. contain content to convince potential buyers to buy from them (convert leads into buyers), since that is the ultimate goal of having an online presence.

Let us “KISS your Web” and “Seal it With Simplicity” so you don’t have to worry about this important aspect of your business. Sandi will cut through all the technical jargon, explain what changes need to be implemented with your current online presence in terms that make sense to you and your company in a way that you can quickly implement them in order to see results right away.

If you have an editable WordPress website, Sandi will consult with you on how to make changes, upload videos and photos to your site, and get creative with the 1,000’s of plugins WordPress has to offer. We are a local company in Tampa, FL and work with companies locally and all over the United States.

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