Creating a Quiz on your WordPress Site

WatuPRO WordPress Plugin for exams, quizzes and surveys

Creating a Quiz on your WordPress Site

A Great, Simple-to-Use WordPress Plugin for an Online Course

If you want to create a short quiz, survey, or even a full online course on your WordPress website, Calendarscripts’ WatuPRO is a great solution. There are some great online course plugins and themes available (though, a lot fewer than expected), many of them are complicated and have a steep learning curve for non-developers and those unfamiliar with WordPress. Because many clients want to edit their own sites, simplicity of use on both the backend and frontend are a MUST!

I have a client that did not wish to invest a lot of time or money for a large Learning Management System (LMS) like BuddyPress Courseware. This is also a great plugin, it just did not suit the client’s needs.

Some of the features as listed on the WatuPRO website include the ability to:

  • Create as many exams/quizzes/surveys as you would like.
  • Create single answer, multiple choice and open-ended questions.
  • Randomize questions.
  • Leave an exam then return to it where you left off.
  • Group questions by category.
  • Set timers to complete an exam (not necessary).
  • Print certificates of completion at the end of a successful exam.
  • Have students log in.
  • Do much, much more!

If you add the “Intelligence Module”, you can charge users for taking the exam, quiz, survey as well as other features. The cost for both plugins (WatuPRO + Intelligence Module) is well worth the price at $87.

UPDATE: There are two more modules that will enhance this product – the “Reporting Module” and the “Play Plugin”. These are also highly recommended add-on features that will enhance the end-user experience for your “test takers”. The complete package for this is $137.

Click Here to check out WatuPRO! (this is an affiliate link – thank you for your support – I will only add affiliate links for products I completely believe in, have used, and/or know reputable sources that recommend them.)

Ideas to use this plugin to monetize your site:

  • Create an exam for professions that require certification (check with your industry’s state board to see what requirements are needed for your particular profession).
  • Create a paid practice exam for professions requiring certification.
  • Create an eBook that is a study guide for professions requiring certification that also has a practice exam.
  • Teach others how to use this plugin for a fee!

If you do get this plugin, please let the developer know how you used it!

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