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Four Reasons Your Site Needs to be KISSed!

This Fort Myers Web Design Company Provides these Reasons:

First Great Reason!
1Your site should be "user-friendly". Is your website easy to navigate? Do your visitors know what you are trying to convey? Is the site too confusing so that visitors don't even know where to start? Make sure your web site has the following characteristics:
  • Navigation is easy to find
  • Site elements make sense
  • Clear organizational structure
Second Great Reason!
2You need to work with someone you can trust. "Dr. Sandi" grew up in Fort Myers and has lived in the SW Florida area for over two decades, providing clients with professional and prompt care. Make sure your web designer has the following characteristics:
  • A professional business site
  • Great client recommendations
  • Listens and communicates well
Third Great Reason!
3You need to have great optimization for your site to be recognized by the search engines. Not only should your site be easy to navigate and make sense, it should be easy for the search engines to find. Some optimization tips - use keywords:
  • Throughout site's content
  • In headers & subheaders
  • In photo "alt" tags
Fourth Great Reason!
4You should have access to your site without having to wait for your web designer to make updates, which may take weeks. We consult with you on how to edit your WordPress site so you can make changes any time from any computer. Benefits of this include:
  • Immediate changes to site
  • Ability to blog
  • Save money on updates

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Meet Dr. Sandi Eveleth, founder of KISS Your Web, LLC and WordPress website designer.

Dr. Sandi Eveleth, WordPress web designer & trainer | Fort Myers Web DesignThis Fort Myers web design company,, was created to Keep Internet Solutions Simple by taking care of all the technical web site details for your Small Business.

We provide professional, affordable and user-friendly WordPress web sites, blogs, eCommerce and social media marketing solutions with ongoing search engine optimization (SEO).

These web sites are designed to:

1. be cleaner and more easily navigable (increase the sites’ usability),
2. make sense for their organizations (match the branding of their small businesses), and
3. be easily found (enhanced search engine optimization)

Let us “KISS your web” and “Seal it With Simplicity” so you don’t have to worry about this important aspect of your business. We design and develop editable WordPress websites so YOU have total control of your personal or company’s site from any computer. You will learn how to make changes, upload videos and photos to your site, and get creative with the 1,000′s of plugins WordPress has to offer when we teach you how to use WordPress. We are a local company in Fort Myers, FL and work exclusively with Southwest Florida small to large businesses. Having an office in Fort Myers that clients come to and following up quickly sets us apart by setting a standard that many web designers do not share.

Don’t wait any longer! Call 239.691.2707 for your free, no-obligation, no-nonsense web site and/or social media networking consultation or Click Here and fill in our Contact Form and start your company’s Internet presence today.

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