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Enjoy these WordPress related resources that I have either used on my site or my clients’ sites, or that have come highly recommended by experts in the field of building a professional, premium WordPress web site.

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Here is my disclaimer: Many of these sites ARE affiliates of KISS your Web, LLC, which means if you sign up directly through any of their links, I DO receive compensation – if you appreciate the information I share on this site, this is a wonderful way to give something back. You will NEVER be charged more money for clicking through these links. I simply receive a small percentage of the sale from the affiliate company. I would never recommend these products if I had not used them, myself, or if they didn’t come highly recommended from another expert in the field of building a premium WordPress web site. There is absolutely NO obligation, however, to click through the provided link.

Hosting Companies BlueHost is where you would sign up for hosting your website and purchasing your domain name. It is the number one hosting company recommended by is hosted on BlueHost. Recommendation(s): Use for your site if you are on a budget, don’t expect more than 50,000 visitors per month to your site, and need email hosting all in one place. If your site seems to be loading fairly quickly (DO take advantage of their CloudFlare offering to help speed up your site), you can stay with this hosting company. Also look at their dedicated servers if you don’t want to move up to a premium WordPress hosting company.
Get Flywheel - WordPress hosting co. GetFlywheel: Flywheel is a premium WordPress hosting company. This means that they ONLY host WordPress sites and offer more than your typical hosting company. They keep your site safe & secure from hackers (they will fix your site if it ever gets hacked), they offer much faster loading times, they backup your site routinely, and so much more. I am now recommending premium hosting accounts for all my clients. Recommendation(s): Use GetFlywheel if you notice your site is slowing down quite a bit, you don’t want to deal with problems on your site, you don’t mind having your email with another email company (they don’t host emails), and you know you’ll have a high amount of traffic coming to your site. They’ll also migrate your site from another hosting company for FREE!

Premium WordPress Themes

StudioPress Theme of the Month StudioPress is a premium WordPress theme company that puts out some of the best themes on the market. The coding used for their vast library of themes is some of the cleanest in the industry and allows for fast loading times and great user experience. Their real estate theme is one of the best I have used. Recommendation(s): Use themes from if you want a cleanly coded theme built on a user-friendly framework that’s easily customizable. They have great customer service and are well known in the industry.
mysitemyway premium theme is a customized premium MySiteMyWay WordPress theme. This company has one of the most feature-rich and customizable frameworks I have ever seen. They have a tremendous library for shortcodes and come with several themes from which to choose. I have customized many of their themes for client sites. Recommendation(s): Use themes from if you like a lot of bells & whistles! This framework comes with a lot of fun ways to customize your site. As these themes are quite large, you may have to upload using your FTP account.
Divi WordPress Theme Elegant Themes has recently revealed their premium WordPress theme, the Divi Theme, which is more of a framework than just a customizable theme. I have already created 2 client sites using this theme. It is extremely user friendly and allows you to produce some very professional-looking sites in a relatively short period of time. Recommendation(s): If you want a quick way to produce a customized professional site, I highly recommend this theme.
No Need For WordPress Developers — Drag & Drop With Headway Headway themes is more than just a theme, it’s truly a drag & drop WordPress framework. This is, by far, one of the best products I have come across to build your WordPress website from the ground up without having to learn how to code. Recommendation(s): If you really want to develop a website without using a pre-made theme and have the ability to edit anything on the site, this is a great premium WordPress theme. There is a bit of a learning curve, but the company provides plenty of documentation.

Premium WordPress Plugins

Gravity Forms Plugin for WordPress  This is, by far, one of the best premium WordPress plugins you will ever purchase. There are many WordPress designers, developers, and consultants that will tell you they cannot live without Gravity Forms! Recommendation(s): If you never purchase any other plugin, make sure you purchase Gravity Forms. The tremendous functionality this plugin offers far surpasses the price you will pay for it. I have tried and used many cloning and backup premium WordPress plugins through the years for various purposes. I was so thrilled when I finally came across this plugin as it reduced the time it took to migrate a site from one hosting account or one directory on the same hosting account to another. It is the fastest, most comprehensive way to backup and/or move an entire site including a site’s theme, plugins and all its content. Even extremely large sites are migrated without complication. The only caveat is that some hosting companies (eg. do not work well with this plugin. It has to do more with the hosting company than the plugin! Recommendation(s): highly recommend this plugin to backup and/or migrate your site. Hands down it is the best one I have come across.

Internet Marketing Courses

Internet Business Academy101 Internet Business Mastery Academy: This is another “MUST DO” Internet marketing course if you want to learn how to make money online. Jeremy and Jason present the material in a step-by-step manner and give you lots of tools, tips, road maps and encouragement to keep you going towards your goal of creating a FREEDOM business (freedom of location, time & money). Their newly designed course walks you through the process of creating a business that totally fits your SINGLE MOTIVATING PURPOSE.
Internet Marketing Academy's backstage pass The Backstage Pass: This is a behind-the-scenes look at how Jason and Jeremy created and launched the academy site. This is a product launch explanation course. They give you their tools and even the emails they used to market their product launch to “swipe” (knows as “swipe files” in the Internet Marketing arena!)
Internet Business Mastery podcasting profits Podcasting Profits: If you want to learn how to Podcast to help market your online business, this is a great course. They teach you from beginning to end how to create a podcast using the right technology and marketing advice. They even give you bonus courses to market the podcast and continue to generate ideas for future podcasts.
Internet Business Mastery's extreme time mastery Extreme Time Mastery: This is another great course by the guys at to help you master the sense of overwhelm when it comes to working on your business online. It has helped me carve out the most productive time during the day. They give you step-by-step instructions and downloadable resources to keep you on track.

Internet Marketing Tools

Email Marketing for just $19 per month Aweber eMail Blast Campaigns: This is one of the leaders in creating email campaigns. You can place code directly on your website to encourage email sign ups (capture leads). The email templates are easy to setup and easy to embed directly on your website. They have a lot of features that many other email blast campaigns do not offer.
Lead Pages: This is one of the easiest ways I have ever been able to create a landing page for capturing leads. It truly is fast! The company has over 50 templates to build your own landing page within just a few minutes and you don’t even need to know any code to do this! If you would like to read my review of LeadPages™, click here. This site provides you with affiliate products and services that may compliment your own online marketing plan. Recommendation(s): If you don’t have the time to create a product or service that would make sense for your industry, this is a great place to find a valuable product that may add another income stream to your business.


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