Blog Development

Tell your story with a Professionally designed WordPress Blog

Blog posting from Fort Myers Web Design company, KISS your Web, LLCThe Benefits of a Well Written Blog

To be competitive in the Internet marketplace, savvy small businesses have begun to blog about their products, services, industry news and news about their own companies. They understand the value of keeping their current customers informed and of attracting potential customers. will set you up with a quality, professional blog that remains consistent with your web site design (remember ‘branding’?) that adds to your overall message.


Blogs can serve as your newsletter for all things ‘newsworthy’ about your company (staff, “what’s new”, etc.), products and services; as a source for letting your customers know about discounts and specials; about exciting news in your industry; about any public relations coverage; and more.

Going Beyond the Design Stage with
Personalized Training

Just as most small businesses do not want to design their own web sites, they are also uncomfortable writing their own blogs. Although we do not write blogs for our clients as it is vital to have their personalities shine through, we do train our clients on how to blog and provide tips for useful content. It is also important to be consistent in blogging which can often replace other forms of marketing.

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