Designing online stores for WordPress websites

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When you want to sell products online, there are so many considerations to take into account such as: shopping cart security, online product catalogs, merchandise promotions, search engine optimization and more.

You Will be Amazed at How Simple yet
Professional Your Online Store Works!

The following are included in your comprehensive eCommerce site:

  1. Reliable and Secure Shopping Cart
  2. Online Product Catalog
  3. Merchandising, Offers and Promotions
  4. Online Marketing and SEO
  5. Simple Payment and Ordering Processing
  6. Robust Reporting and Statistics
  7. and more

Fort Myers web design company upholds KISS Philosophy

The KISS philosophy is upheld throughout the eCommerce sites as well. There are so many cluttered product sites on the Internet that it is often difficult to figure out how to navigate them. Keeping these sites simple and clean makes it easy for your customers to order your products quickly and without mistake, which looks favorably for your company.

Creating a well-secured, easy-to-navigate eCommerce site is so important to your customers. Providing several payment options for them (like PayPal and several credit cards) is also important. To provide convenience for your small business, there are also several options to make your banking and bookkeeping a breeze, like direct deposit for puchases into your bank account.

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