Image Enhancements

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Often this story involves photographs and illustrations. When your site has been “KISSed” by, your photos should match the three principles of: branding (the images should make sense with your company’s overall style), usability (the images must be optimized so the web pages load quickly and efficiently), and search engine optimization (the images should add to the site’s searchability, not detract from it).


Our digital artist has extensive experience with enhancing and manipulating photographs to showcase your photos in the best way possible. Removing backgrounds to eliminate clutter, improving the color or desaturating a photograph for dramatic effect, creating a digital painting out of a photograph, optimizing the images so your pages will load quickly, creating video slideshows, adding effects to videos, and so much more.

Check out this Blog to see different photo effects you can create using a little skill in Adobe®’s Photoshop®

Creating Videos or Video Slide Shows to Post on YouTube is One of the Best Ways to Improve Search Engine Optimization

Here is a simple video slide show created in Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 8.0 with some mild image enhancements to show off this company’s products:

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