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K.I.S.S. stands for..."Keeping Internet Solutions Simple"

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You’ve heard it before and, especially in these very hectic times, you’ll hear it again: K.I.S.S. originally stood for Keep It Simple Stupid. Since the word “stupid” is truly not allowed in our Fort Myers web design organization and since we prefer to apply the concept to solving your Internet challenges, the KISS philosophy at stands for Keeping Internet Solutions Simple.” With millions of web sites in existence and just as many people searching the Internet, you don’t want your company’s site getting lost in the crowd. You also don’t want your site bogging down with slow loading pages nor be riddled with broken links. There are just too many other sites to browse to stay on a poorly designed one.

The three main concepts that need to be considered when designing a web site are:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This has certainly become the ‘buzz word’ in the Internet marketing and web site design industry. It has become clear to all saavy companies on the web that, unless you are on the first page of Google’s results page, you might as well not expect anyone to come looking for you! Read More>>
  • Usability of the Site: When someone lands on your site, you want him or her to be able to see the site and any included media quickly as well as navigate it easily. You don’t want them to lose patience and quickly leave your site.
  • Brand Identitification with your Company: You want to make sure your web site coincides with your current company’s branding, whether that relates to colors, logos, a certain “look” of your print materials, media, etc. Otherwise, current and future customers may not even recognize your company.

It is about simplicity for you and for your customers, both current and potential. You don’t want to deal with the Web site details, and you don’t want your customers dealing with confusion.

Why WordPress sites?

fort myers web designing WordPress sites

Our Fort Myers web design firm has been designing web sites on the WordPress open source platform for the past few years because it is a form of “Content Management System” and has tremendous functionality and flexibility. This makes it easy for our clients to edit and upload images, video, etc. to their own site once we take them through our 2 hour training session. There are 1,000’s of user-friendly plugins that give so much more flexibility and search engine optimization to a client’s website than a regular, static site.

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