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Other Services | Fort Myers Web Design, KISS your Web, LLCIs it Too Simple?

At KISSyourWeb.com, we truly believe that a well-organized, clean site can never be too simple as long as the message about your company is clear, matches your company’s mission and branding, and is easy to understand and navigate. A site can, however, be too complicated or just have no rhyme or reason and be more detrimental to the company.


Video creation, upload to sites like YouTube, and integration into a small business’ Web site is a great way to enhance a company’s Internet presence by both adding value to the company and increasing the company’s search engine optimization (SEO). It is not yet well-known that the amount of SEO created by video’s placed on a Web site does a tremendous job of elevating the site’s rating on the search engines, especially when the best keywords are used. We work closely with you on finding these best keywords.

It was more common a decade or so ago to see Web sites with a lot of “flash” with blinking objects, moving banners, twirling icons, etc. as the technology to create these things became available.

However, over time, it has become apparent that these “extras” were detracting from the site and actually causing a site to slow down on loading or even crash.

A Little Flash Goes a Long Way

That’s not to say that some nice effects look great on a Web site. Done correctly and with the appropriate design, these extras can add punch to your site in a professional manner. It must be kept in mind, however, that most mobile platforms do not support Flash and will need a separate mobile site or the elimination of the flash components.

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