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Package Prices It’s no longer just a matter of embedding a few keywords into your web site to increase your search engine optimization (or, SEO). There are so many companies on the Internet using those same keywords and perhaps even paying to rank high on these search engines that those keywords will get lost in the crowd. In addition, Google doesn’t pay nearly as much attention to keywords as in the past. HOW DOES A SMALL COMPANY COMPETE? There may come a time when the large corporations will out bid all small companies in the search engine optimization arena. Fortunately, there are several ways to improve your company’s search engine optimization. It all starts with picking the right Domain Name for your company’s site then submitting this domain name to several online search directories. Add to that the right keywords based on careful research and attention to detail as well as including key content throughout the site. Other important tactics involve blogging and using social media networking to increase traffic to your site. Appropriate links also improve your SEO. Recording and uploading video to your YouTube account and embedding this video in your web site also adds to its rank on the search engines. The videos may be testimonials about your company, “how-to’s” or demonstrations about your products or services, information relating to your industry, and more.

We Take Care of Setting up All These SEO Efforts for You

As an ongoing effort to improve your Internet presence, we not only take care of the SEO for you, we learn about you and your company so your site reflects your personality and the mission of your company. It is not just being built to become number one for the search engines.

Ongoing Support with your Fort Myers Web Design Company

We also offer updates on keeping your site optimized for the search engines on an ongoing basis. Search Engine Optimization is, afterall, not a one-shot deal. It is a continuing process.

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