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Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and so much more – these are social media networking sites that are making big strides in the business world, for both small and large companies. It is a way to compete with the “big boys” at little or no cost to the company.

It’s Not Just for “Other” Companies…

…and it’s not just to find your high school friends anymore. Social Media Networking is truly useful in marketing your company. It still has a long way to go but, just as it’s important to join local networking organizations, smart small businesses understand the benefits of this venue for no-cost marketing.


By continually talking about your company, products and services through the different social media networking sites, you receive varying types of coverage and exposure and attract many customers who would probably never find your site in the first place.

The Major Social Media Networking Sites

The major sites that work well for business and that build for you and train you how to use include:

  1. Facebook: Besides allowing your personal side to show through, the ability to create a business Page is a powerful tool with many applications to enhance your presence.
  2. LinkedIN: This is a strictly professional site for owners and employees to post their information similar to an online resume. It is still a place to post news and information about your company.
  3. YouTube: This site is especially useful now that video has taken off so virally. Your company can benefit in so many ways by adding video to your web site and/or blog.
  4. Twitter: This serves as a miniblog since only 140 characters are allowed per “tweet”. There is a bit of jargon to be learned.
  5. Pinterest: This platform of sharing “Pinboards” and “Pins” has blasted onto the Internet with incredible success. One company discusses how they increased their monthly sales by $16,000/month from using Pinterest alone!
  6. Google+: Since Google “owns” Google +, it is important to make this social media site an integral part of your company’s social media marketing plan. It offers a profile account, which is now connecting with all of your Google accounts/products and a Google Pages account, which is now becoming your Google Places/Local account.

When using these sites properly and consistently, they enhance your company’s blog and web site, which increases your web site’s search engine optimization. By referring to each other with links, visitors to one of these sites will point them to your other sites.

Our Fort Myers web design team will Do the Work for You!

We will maintain your social media networking sites with your own words. Huh? All you have to do is supply us with an email with information you would like to share on your blog and social network sites and we will do the rest for a modest monthly fee.

Another service we provide for your Facebook Page is a customized (or several customized) “splash” or “capture” page that includes the look of your web site to maintain your branding.

Contact us to find out how to grow your business online!