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fort myers web design, KISS your Web, LLC | hostingStability, Reliability and 24/7 Customer Service is Essential

As well as creating a great-looking overall design (page layout) for your site, you want to make sure your hosting service is reliable (has a very low ‘downtime’ percentage), safe (cannot be ‘hacked into’), and has full-time customer support.


There are so many hosting companies offering very cost-effective plans that it’s important to be able to sort through them and choose those with strong reputations.

You Shouldn’t Even Have to Think About It

More KISS Philosophy of this Fort Myers Web Design Company

As a client of this Fort Myers web design company,, you won’t have to make any design decisions. Since we have joined forces with only the best Web site hosting companies, you will not experience the frustration many “do-it-yourself-ers” deal with on a regular basis. In fact, you won’t have to deal with these issues at all! recommends only a few hosting companies for their WordPress platform. We now use and recommend almost exclusively (this IS an affiliate link, which means we get paid if you purchase your hosting through this link. Do not feel pressured to do so! Whether you click through this link or go directly to BlueHost, we HIGHLY recommend them.) as they have great customer service, backup utilities, and an easy-to-navigate website (more KISS philosophy!).

The Benefits of Professional Hosting Services

There are several added features with these better hosting services such as: many software add-ons (eg. quality content-management scripts/software like, eCommerce, etc.), database access, 100’s to 1,000’s of emails per Web site address, search engine optimization, and more.

Although you don’t need to even think about these services listed above, you will invariably hear them mentioned in today’s discussions about the Internet and what entails a good Web site presence. Just know that we will be working with the best hosting companies that provide these products and services so you can be confident your site will be available to your customers when they need you and with the best security protection available.

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