What is Inclusivity and How Can it Help Your Business?

Jo Barnes website with Dr. Sandi Eveleth's testimonial

What is Inclusivity and How Can it Help Your Business?

What is “Inclusivity”?

According to Social Networking “Guru-ess”, Jo Barnes of TheSocialNetworkingAcademy.com, inclusivity, in social media marketing terms, means including and promoting other people’s content from their websites, blogs, social media channels, etc.

Why would you want to promote another person’s content? As Jo reports, this is a great way to introduce yourself to some of those important influencers you’ve always wanted to meet. Have you ever wanted to chat with master motivator Tony Robbins? Or meet your favorite celebrity? Maybe you just want to reach one of your industry’s leaders and see if they would be willing to help you with a business challenge. By helping to promote others, you are able to engage with them and possibly have an opportunity to meet them.

As a social media marketer and WordPress website designer, I have my own list of people I would love to meet online or in person. Imagine my excitement when, after promoting an iPhone APP that I use on a regular basis by Terry White, an Adobe® evangelist, he added me to his website in the form of a blog post. Then I had the memorable opportunity of meeting him in person at Photoshop World in Orlando. Thanks, Terry!

Terry White and Dr. Sandi Eveleth

Another great influencer is Jo Barnes as mentioned above. She has become a true expert in the field of Social Network marketing over the past couple of years, teaching business owners how to use social media to market their businesses. I am a true believer in helping others that provide tremendous value to their followers. After providing Jo with a testimonial for her membership site, she posted it on her website’s introductory page. That’s what I call Inclusivity! Thanks to you, too, Jo!

Jo Barnes website with Dr. Sandi Eveleth's testimonial

How Can Inclusivity Help Your Business & How Do You Do It?

Here are just a few ways inclusivity can help your business:

  • By providing valuable comments on other people’s social media sites and/or blogs, you may become known as an expert in your own niche. This can easily increase your own fan base.
  • When you write about others in your blogs (as I am doing here!), you are giving credibility to them as well as to your own site. Don’t forget to add a link to your blog post on all of your social media sites.
  • You may get noticed by the person you are promoting and they may, in turn, help promote your company.
  • Not only can you promote each other’s companies, but you may find projects you can work on together as a team and double your fan base.

What Next?

Start commenting on others’ Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIN, Pinterest and Blog posts – make sure you have created a Gravatar for yourself before commenting on someone else’s blog posts. This can connect to your Google+ account and add to your search engine optimization for your site. You will also want to make sure you optimize your social media accounts (add your website(s), add content to your description, etc.).

The bottom line is this: help others that add value to your life and your business or just because you truly believe in what they do. This is not a new idea, but has gotten a lot easier with social media. Personally, there is no way I could have ever met some of my “heroes” from around the world without social media.

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